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The best in locally run & operated CT Pest control

With our commitment to customer service, we know that every job will be completed with the same excellence of expertise and commitment.
Truly Local Pest Control
As a locally owned and operated family business, customer satisfaction is our highest concern. We firmly believe in quality workmanship beyond what the large national competitors can provide. We know our customers by name and not a number. We stay loyal to returning customers and welcome new ones looking for reliable pest control.
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CT Pest Extermination Services

Yale Pest Control provides pest extermination services for ants, bed bugs, rodents, and everything in between. In addition, we are LOCAL & FAMILY OWNED PEST CONTROL EXPERTS. Our company has been dedicated to giving Connecticut home and business owners excellent and responsive service since 1983. Since we work to control insects and rodents on a daily basis and know where they like to live, feed and breed, we see how they will typically infest a home. With our years of experience and a comprehensive inspection, we will be able to recommend the proper treatment to protect your home and family. You will feel assured seeing our specialists in action to eliminate your pest problem. Call Today.

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Local pest extermination experts in CT

Your Local Pest Control Experts in CT

Yes, we are near you every day. With a main office in Ansonia, and locally based technicians living and working in Fairfield, and New Haven counties, we currently have technicians working routes in your neighborhood throughout these counties and extending north to Litchfield County. We are in your neighborhood every day! We service homes and businesses throughout these areas. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations from the moment our technicians arrive at your home or business. All of our technicians are uniformed; are licensed, bonded and insured. But beyond these basics you will find that they are professionals and will treat your home as they would that of their own family.
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Termite Control Near You in CT

Subterranean termites are actively eating your home all year round and swarm in the spring when groups of reproductive termites go off to start new colonies. Over time, they can collapse a building entirely. In the end, the best method of subterranean termite control is to avoid water accumulation near your home's foundation and eliminate wood contact with the soil. But once you have an infestation call us for professional termite control.

Yale Pest is Certified in both Sentricon® & Termidor® Termite Treatment Systems. You can trust your property with the industry leaders in termite control and rest assured, Yale Pest is ready to detect, treat, and destroy current infestations and work to prevent their return
For the elimination and control of termites,  we offer 2 treatment types:
  • A conventional drill, trench, pump, and fill using Termidor® Termite Treatment
  • A baiting system using Sentricon® Bait Tubes placed in ground and monitored in the spring and fall
Both treatments work through colony elimination. Both are truly very effective the best materials in their respective classes. Our treatments are designed to eliminate the termites threatening your structure. However neither will repair any damage already done by the termites.
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Rodent control

Local Rodent Control in CT

Are you seeing mouse or rat droppings in your house or office? Are there gnawed through packages in your cupboards and counters ? If so, you probably have a rodent problem.

Rats and the common House Mouse are actually referred to as commensal rodents. This refers to the fact that they live at man's expense without giving anything in return. These rodents have plagued mankind since caveman days and they are very hard to completely eradicate. Good sanitation will limit the number of rats or mice that can survive in and around your dwelling or business. Proper storage and handling of food products and proper sanitation will not completely eliminate the possibility of a rat infestation, but will make your home less suitable for them to thrive.
Call us today for your rodent control issue, we will solve the problem and offer a service guarantee for your protection. Whether it’s one mouse or two rats, rodents cause anxiety in your home and can greatly impact your businesses reputation your profitability!
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Bed Bug Control in CT

While Yale Pest handles all pest control issues, we do have a specialty in bed bug extermination with a heat process that we can guarantee.Bed Bugs are very sensitive to heat and with special equipment and trained technicians we can permanently remove existing infestations from our Connecticut home or office.

Before any work is done we must first diagnose your infestation to make sure it is a Bed Bug problem. The most common initial signs are bed bug bites. These bites will leave rashes of different sizes and be itchy. Upon examination, many doctors will not be able to immediately identify these rashes. If you feel that your getting bites after waking up in the morning, it can likely a bed bug bite
Bear in mind that reactions to bed bug bites are allergic in nature and the first bite may produce no response. Making matters more uncertain...Not all individuals are sensitive and react with a rash, and the allergic response may increase with repeated exposure. What all this means is that it is quite common to have only 1 member of the house hold with bite rashes. So this means that further detective work is necessary to identify a bed bug infestation, and we will need to look for other evidence in the sleeping and lounging areas of your home.
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