Tick Control

Protect Family, Property & Pets

Yale Pest Tick Control Targets Lyme Disease…

Our tick control and Tick Protection services in Connecticut involves using environmentally responsible tick applications to actively reduce populations, this significantly reduces the risk of tick bites and possible exposure to Lyme disease.

  • Perform Tick Checks
  • Don’t Attract Wild Life
  • Use Deer Resistant Planting
  • Keep Stone Walls Neat
  • Install A Barrier
  • Focus on the Edge
  • Restrict Ground Cover
  • Pesticide Application

There are sound steps and procedures to aiding in reducing the number of deer ticks (ixodes scapularis) found near your home and on your property. Landscape modification and the way your property is maintained can cut your tick numbers. Pesticide treatments are only 1 tool in the arsenal against deer ticks.

Your Yale Pest Professional can analyze your property and make simple recommendations and design a tick control treatment plan for your Connecticut property.

Shield your family and pets against the threat of Lyme Disease this season with Yale’s Tick Shield Treatment…

Life-cycle of ticks