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Yale Pest is Certified in both Sentricon® & Termidor® Termite Treatment Systems. You can trust your property with the industry leaders in termite control and rest assured, Yale Pest is ready to detect, treat, and destroy current infestations and work to prevent their return for years to come. Our professionals will arrange for the restoration of damaged structural timber and the ongoing protection of your property.

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We can even treat the ground underneath a new home, before it is built. This keeps termites away for years and enables you to have the peace of mind you need.

For the elimination and control of termites, we offer 2 treatment types:

1) A conventional drill, trench, pump, and fill using Termidor® Termite Treatment

2) A baiting system using Sentricon® Bait Tubes placed in-ground and monitored in the spring and fall. Both treatments work through colony elimination. Both are truly very effective best materials in their respective classes. Our treatments are designed to eliminate the termites threatening your structure. However, neither will repair any damage already done by the termites.

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The most common sign of termites in your structure is a swarm of small black insects with two pairs of translucent wings, the wings will rapidly begin falling off leaving the termites to begin crawling to shelter and pairing up. Many people just find the wings in piles or stuck in spider webs in the basement or garage etc. Termite swarmers are about 3/8” long. (There are several species of ants that will swarm at similar times, but they won’t be shedding their wings.)

Other evidence often observed is the presence of mud tubes running up from the ground on the foundation of the house. Mud tubes may also be noted in the basement on the sill or between beams and joists.

Mud Tunnels are created by Subterranean Termites out of soil, wood particles, fecal material and saliva. The tunnels are pencil-sized, and they connect the termite nest to their food source (wood). It helps protect termites from predators and dry environments while traveling within their territories.

Identifying Termites
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