Pest Control & Extermination For Residential Connecticut

Our Goal

Protecting Home, Health, & Property while ensuring a comfortable home environment for the whole family.

Yale Termite & Pest Elimination Corp. has effective and affordable solutions to your household pest problems. Our staff undergoes continuous training in the behavior, biology and control of pests. This training and a passion for our work is put to use on a daily basis to meet our customers needs.

Our passion for pest control is also evident in the programs we create for our residential clients. The plans are designed to protect your home from damaging insects, and rodents all year long.

Typical Home Plans include the following treatment areas:

Treatment locations
Interior areas

Every season brings a host of pests that can invade your home and affect your health & property. We offer custom plans to prevent pest problems. The basic plan is outlined here, but it can be modified to suit your needs.

Quarterly Residential Pest Control Service Plan

The initial services will eliminate covered pests from inside the structure. Then the program targets pests at their sources preventing them on the exterior perimeters of the structure. Yale provides convenient scheduling, fast results and thorough treatments based on the most modern and safest pest control practices.


Many Insects emerge in the spring with termites and ants leading the way followed by many crawling and flying insects. We apply a residual barrier around the perimeter and check for signs of new insect and rodent activity.


The summer service is very important as many exterior pests have emerged and are actively breeding. Small bee and wasps nests can be eliminated at this time. We renew the exterior perimeter treatment preventing pests such as Earwigs. Millipedes, Ground Beetles and Pavement Ants.


As exterior temperatures drop in the fall many pests look towards man-made structures for over-wintering. This is the most important exterior perimeter treatment to prevent infestations of crawling insects such as crickets, lady bugs and spiders. Also the perimeter is checked for possible rodent activity.


The winter service is an important service as we thoroughly inspect and service the interior of the structure. Rodent activity peaks at this time of year and we inspect and service for rodent problems. Winter is a good time to eliminate any over wintering pests like silverfish, spiders and pavement ants.

Quarterly Residential Pest Control Service Guarantees Results

  1. Yale guarantees to control the pests covered in our quarterly service contracts. Should additional service visits be necessary between scheduled service visits they will be done free of charge.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the results we will continue to provide intensive service at no additional charges until all problems are solved.

If you have a business location that needs service, see our Commercial Pest Control Services page.