Yellow Jackets

Yellow jacket

Yellow jackets are yellow and black, measuring ½ inches long and they are a type of wasp and do not pollinate Like paper wasps, they build multilayered hives that can be either exposed or within a void such as a hollow log or a wall of a home, except these nest tend to be much larger than the paper wasp’s.

The nest will grow exponentially as the season progresses until it peaks between August and October. Yellow Jackets tend to be more aggressive during the later part of summer and into early fall as the populations reaches their peak.

The nest will eventually die off in late fall to early winter and the new queens will leave the colony and overwinter in suitable locations

Often times these wasps will nest above a ceiling which can be evidenced by staining that looks like a water spot. However don’t remove the wallboard as it’s the only barrier between you and them.

It is very common for the Yellow Jackets to go unnoticed all summer and then all of a sudden they break through the ceiling sheet rock and fill a room. If you are allergic to stings, this wasp can be deadly.

Colonies can have several thousand individuals and without protection you will get stung. We can eliminate them with a one-time service.