Paper Wasps

Paper wasp

Paper Wasps (or umbrella wasps ) are often confused with Yellow jackets but their nesting habits are different, with smaller nests. These wasps normally build an exposed nest under the overhangs of buildings or in sheltered areas such as under decks, or behind shutters.

They are not as aggressive as yellow jackets but they will defend their territory if provoked and their sting can be painful. In the spring, they emerge from hibernation and look for suitable nesting sites.

These nests can be found on many homes or commercial buildings behind trim boards or soffits.

Paper wasp nests tend not to be as large as hornet or yellow jacket nests however there are usually many nests within a property.

Like many other social wasps, the paper wasp will feed on many insect pests of gardens. Unfortunately, paper wasps will also feed on fruits, and will scrape wood from houses to make their nests.