Digger Wasps

Digger wasp

There are various species of wasps that construct nests or burrows in the ground. These digger wasps are solitary wasps that place paralyzed insects or spiders inside the nest as food for their offspring.

Although they are generally not aggressive, these beneficial insects can quickly become a nuisance in the wrong locations.

Their low hovering and circling activity is unnerving to people and pets.

Since these digger wasps are large, with common species over 1 inch in length, they look menacing, infestations will start small with a few dozen individuals but can grow to thousands within a few years. In addition their nesting holes will become unsightly.

Their holes are about the size of a quarter and can extend into the ground about 24 inches . At the end of this nest, the female wasp deposits 1 egg along with captured insects for the wasp grub. This grub will mature next season and start the cycle again.

One common and very large species of digger wasp is the cicada killer and it can have a size of up to 2 inches.