Bald Faced Hornets

Bald faced hornet

Bald Faced Hornets are black and white and just under an inch long. They are social insects which live in aerial, grayish paper nests, shaped similar to an inverted pear. These nests are attached to tree branches or a recessed sheltered surface on a building.

There may be several hundred hornets in this nest and when disturbed they will attack and sting anything around.

Bald-faced hornets are predators that feed on many other pest insects; thus they are beneficial by helping to control pest insect populations. However, if the nest is located close to the ground and near an occupied structure or recreational area, then control is warranted.

Removing their nest is the only way to effectively eliminate a hornet colony. This should only be done by an experienced professional as the danger of stings is considerable. Proper protective clothing and equipment are required.