Small Ants – Pavement Ants

Small, pavement ants

These small ants are brown to black in color and typically 1/8th of an inch in length.

Entrances to their underground nests often resemble volcano-like mounds, as seen between the cracks and crevices of pavement and landscape pavers. In some incidences they will also infest buildings, especially if the foundation is built upon a concrete slab.

There are many varieties of small ants that invade homes in the North East.

All ants can have members of the colony that are winged and others with out. These ants are generally smaller than a grain of rice. Regardless of the specific small ant, treatments are pretty similar. 

After a thorough inspection our technicians utilize various baits in targeted areas in the finished areas of the home and pesticides around the perimeter foundation and often-unfinished areas of the basement or crawl. If you see winged insects swarming in or against your structure take a good look at them. Ants do not shed their wings; termites shed their wings quickly after emerging.

If your only pest problem is the small ants Yale offers a one time intensive treatment with a 90-day service warranty.

If you have other pests throughout the year you may wish to go with our bimonthly treatment program that covers many of the common household insects.

Please call our service center for more details and pricing…