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Pest Control Services Resolving Your Bug Problems:

If you are looking for Eco friendly and effective Pest Control, our trained and professional team is here to help! Here is more information about some of our most common services: Commercial Exterminator, Termite Control , and Bed Bug Exterminators. So if you are looking for a Yale Pest

Just had a visit from Gary, your service tech. He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and efficient, We feel totally confident that his diagnosis and treatment will resolve our carpenter ant and bee concerns. Thanks so much for your prompt and attentive service; we would certainly recommend you to anyone in need of pest control.”
- Jim S

bug phobia relief

I have nothing but good things to say about this company. I live in attached condos and am quite paranoid about pests moving in. Last winter my cat had taken to hunting waterbugs in my basement and presenting them to me. Being totally grossed out I called Yale. One of the owners called me back and talked me through the problem and the possible solutions that I could implement on my own. Problem solved. Last week I was HORRIFIED to find four roaches in my bathroom. I called Yale Pest on a Friday and they came out the first thing Monday morning. While respecting my near hysteria, they checked my entire house for pests…gratefully they didn't find much. They then sprayed an organic solution around the perimeter of my house that would eliminate the bugs, but not harm the cat. They made suggestions to help prevent future problems. They were on time, professional, courteous, and considerate. THANK YOU!!!!!”
- Erin B

Bed Bugs Gone

Had an issue with bedbugs immediately after returning from vacation. Called Yale Pest and they sent over a tech the next day for an inspection. After confirming that we had bedbugs present, they gave us detailed instructions and booked an immediate appointment to exterminate my house. They were very professional and I would recommend them. They also were very patient with us and returned out calls promptly.”
- Michele Z
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Ask the Experts at Yale Pest Control

Do You Have A Question About Pests Or Treatment?

Yale Termite and Pest Elimination Corp. has an entomologist that can answer almost any question regarding insects and nuisance wildlife that is native to Connecticut. Our knowledge of local insects and nuisance wildlife enables us to determine the best possible pest control solution for any situation. We invite you to ask us a question. We will respond directly, in addition, your question may also be featured in our blog section so that our other clients can benefit.

You may have questions like these about pests around your home, business or, facility:

  • What steps can I take to prevent pest activity in my home or business?
  • How can I monitor potential or current pest activity?
  • What are some of the signs of pest activity for my business or residence?

Guidelines in choosing a pest control company

When selecting a pest control provider, it pays to spend a few minutes researching this providers history and verifying that they have a proven track record. This small step can go a long way into avoiding a costly mistake

1. Get 2 or 3 Estimates: Be an educated consumer and get a few estimates. It would be wrong to assume that all service providers charge the same price. Understand what the provider is offering in a written estimate will help you compare “apples to apples”.   Resist the urge to make a fast decision out of panic because of a sudden insect infestation.

2. Check Reliability History: A quick check of the department of consumer affairs in your county and the Better Business Bureau can save you from a costly mistake. Make sure that the company you choose has a history of professional and reliable service. This would normally assure that you are getting what you were promised. Do an internet search for complaints and ask for referrals and testimonials. Should you wish to check our history at positive pest, see the independently posted reviews and read about us.

3. Review the Warranty: Try to use a company that has a long history of reliable service, since any warranty is worthless if the company you choose is no longer in business. Read and understand each company’s policy. Be sure to read the fine gray print on the back of contracts for hidden clauses and exclusions that would tend to negate any warranty protection

4. Insurance & Certifications: If the work to be performed is sizeable don’t hesitate to ask for copies of the company’s Liability & Workman’s Compensation insurance Certificates. You need to check that the work is being performed by a qualified technician that is State Certified. It will also extend the company’s reputation if they belong to industry associations such as the New York State Pest Management Association.

5. Price Protection in long term contracts: Many pest control services require follow up visits and renewable contracts especially when dealing with termites and carpenter ants. Ask if your provider has a price protection guarantee to avoid being stuck in an agreement that can increase in price substantially over subsequent years

6 Review the service Agreement’s Terms:
  • Find out the terms of the agreement…  There will be a contract, and it will state how many months your provider will service your home or business.
  • Take note of the chemicals to be used and how they are distributed in your home or business. In most cases, you want to go for limited amounts and limited distribution.
  • Understand how often treatments are repeated and how many treatments are covered in the contract.
  • For termite service contracts, you will need to find out if damaged wood will be replaced, and when re-inspections will be performed. Also learn about where treatment stations will be placed and the types of chemicals used – get the labels.
  • Find out, how long the service will take, and how often they need to return for inspections, cleanup, or service. Find out what the company will do in the way of prevention.

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